Mold can make you sick and even cause death. This is a big problem for occupants of wet or moldy buildings, especially those in high-risk groups.

That’s what happened to me and my family after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We got sick from mold exposure. When doctors didn’t know how to get my family and me well, I connected with mold experts worldwide to learn about mold and search for a treatment plan that would restore my family’s health. After our recovery, I became a mold expert myself as the author of the book MOLD: The War Within, which contains the research I gathered from mold experts. The media has referred to me as the Mold Lady, and mold survivors have called me Mold Royalty.

Preserve health with informed decisions

As a subject matter expert on topics including wet buildings, structural mold, and the health effects of mold exposure, I advocate for other mold victims by providing health- and life-saving information. Whether you are dealing with a new water leak, a newly discovered old water leak that has resulted in hidden mold growth, or water intrusion due to a natural disaster, this information applies to you.  


Mold certifications and consultation services  

My initial training is in journalism with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Marketing. In addition to being a certified mold assessor and certified mold remediator, I am a certified remediator for sensitized individuals. My certifications are through the National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors (NORMI), a certifying trade group for indoor air quality professionals, with which I have done educational outreach work in disaster areas for many years. I do not perform the actual mold assessment or remediation services, but I provide consultation services to assist people seeking assistance in locating a mold professional who would be the right match for their specific situation.  

normi-certificate for certified-remediation-for-sensitive-individuals

Getting mold in the media

In addition to the information I share in my book, I spread the message of mold prevention, increased dangers to high-risk groups, and treatment component options in the following ways:

  • Authoring articles published in national health magazines and local and regional newspapers
  • Appearing as an expert guest on the nationally syndicated health TV show Know The Cause with Doug Kaufmann
  • Appearing as an expert guest on local and regional television and national radio

Let’s get the word out!

I would love to share the health- and life-saving information I have learned along my journey so you can make a difference in people’s lives in your community. Providing ongoing support and information to your community members regarding exposure to mold after this recent natural disaster will preserve the health and lives of children and others in high-risk groups.   

In health—in the home and body,

Lee Ann Billings